Cahokia Mounds

Monk's Mound/Feb. 15, 1999

We visited what was known as the most popular Native American made mound in the country. The mounds were built by a sub-tribe of the Illini Indians who resided here until 1100 A.D. There is a rumor of a mysterious ghost light believed to be an Indian Spirit who watches over the land. You see, this is an Indian burial ground. For more background information see the Cahokia Mounds Web-site at Please note: the site does not give information about the ghost-light.

We began our investigation at 6:30 PM at Monk's Mound, (the highest mound). Jeremy and Tara set out for the top while I investigated the perimeter. Lesley joined us later. We met at the bottom of the steps 6:45 PM. Jeremy and Nikki reported voices at the top. This mysterious photo was taken by Sonny. We are still trying to rule out every possible cause for this picture. We proceeded to the top to set up video and to snap pictures. Tara meditated, while Jeremy was setting up the video camera. Lesley took pictures while I took EMF readings. Not a lot of activity. The highest reading was 2.61. The entity or entities were here. Nikki felt their presence.

One hour had past and we set out to our vehicles. At the bottom, Tara happened to look back and saw a blue light floating slowly along the top of Monk's Mound and suddenly disappear! Could this be the ghost light?

We stationed near our cars hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious light. Jeremy snapped more pictures as I took readings again. The EMF meter spiked a couple of times, but they were weak readings - 1.6, 1.2, 1.2 Suddenly, Jeremy reported seeing a faint blue light in the trees across the parking lot. We went there and took some readings which came up negative. There was no sign of it. The investigation ended at 8:15.

Overall Assessment

Tara says that the entities are proud of their land, their accomplishments. They are content with residing there and seeing others tour their land. There wasn't that much activity which makes us believe that they do not wish to be seen or perhaps known. But we know that these entities or spirits reside there for we have proof in the picture.

Just a footnote: There was a discovery at Monk's Mound last summer (1998). A huge rock formation was found and the west side when workers tried to drill underneath the mound to insert water pipes. The anomaly is believe to be 32 feet long and buried 40 feet below the surface! Archeologists say thjat it is most likely to be made of cobbleslabes of limestone or sandstone. For more information visit the Cahokia Mounds Web-site