Sounds From The Attic

Feb. 21, 1999 - St. Louis Area (told by Sonny)

The owner of this apartment suspects something strange was going on but was reluctant to call the situation a haunting. Strange noises were coming from the attic. He reported hearing noises of someone walking around; sometimes up and down the steps. The neighbor also has heard the noises.

We started our invesigation at 7:12PM. Lesley and Jeremy started taking pictures while I took reading with the EMF meter. At 6:37PM, we proceeded to the attic, where the noises where being heard.

The attic had three rooms. The light in the middle room was the only one that worked. Jeremy recorded a large spike (4.6) on the EMF meter. Jeremy and I heard two questionable noises. The first sounded like a man or a woman's moan or a stomach growl in the third room. It wasn't ours! The next happened approximately 15 minutes later. It was a pound on the wall! The EMF meter was reading a lot of variances. Jeremy took some video for approximately 15 minutes while snapping some pictures with the digital camera. Then we continued videotaping.

This place had 2 entities. Here's a little history on the owner: The current owner bought the apartment from had a wife who committed suicide. But she didn't do it in the house.