Mcpike Halloween '98

The Searchers were invited to the "McPike Mansion Halloween Festival". Friends and family of the Luedke's attended, as well as people that have toured the McPike Mansion before it was recently condemned. We met Sarah Horton. She is the webmaster to the The McPike Mansion Home Page. She is also Sharyn's consultant on thing having to do with promoting the house.

A REAL haunted hearse was on display. Allen Rapp is the proud owner of this vehicle. There are two spirits occupying this hearse. One is an old man who used to be the driver and a young girl. The young girl used to ride in the back with the coffin until both of them died when it ran off the road and into a creek. Allen believes the reason why the two ghosts occupy the hearse is because they cared very deeply for it.

Allen has been on "Show Me St. Louis". A television show having to do with places and things to see in St.Louis.

First Sign of Paranormal Activity

Approx. 12:25 AM - Since we could not go inside the Mansion, Sharyn gave us a tour of the back. It is a wooded area with a slightly steep drop. It was not long when some of us began to feel as if we were being watched by someone or something in the woods!

Notice the orb right-center. The woods are believed to be haunted by an indian. Allen, the owner of the hearse, who often visits has seen a ghostly figure of a woman dancing in the woods!

Bright Flashes

Approx. 3:45 AM - I had noticed that the window on the third level had been open. I discussed it with Sharyn and took a picture. Moments after snapping it a bright light filled the room.

The Morning After

As you can see in the picture above, we slept right next to the Haunted Hearse (tent on the right). We got a nice 4 hour sleep!

Overall Assessment on Paranormal Activity

The spirits were not actively making their presence known that night with the exception of the light flashing in the window. Perhaps they were observing the festivities outside. We have video footage of these entities shot that night at our sister-site Paranormal World.

Searchers for Paranormal Activity
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