McPike Mansion

Aug. 16, 1998/Told by Sonny

Me and a group of friends thought it would be fun to take a tour at the McPike Mansion, well known for being very haunted. I was the last to get out of my van. I had close the door and put my keys in my pocket. I had to switch the keys to the left side pocket because it was too uncomfortable. Lesley, Searcher member, saw me do this because she was waiting for me. We went through the tour of the house. Three hours later we set out to the van. My keys were gone! They were not in my pocket anymore! A friend located them in the van - on the floor! First I thought, I could have done that. After thinking about it for a while, were I started to become suspicious. It wasn't until Lesley verified that I did switch then to my other pocket that I learned that something had taken them out of my pocket and put them in the van (locked)!

Overall Assessment

This event as well as several others re-spawned an interest into the paranormal. Nikki then Jeremy followed in the pursuit.

We have visited the mansion many times testing equipment, and snapping photos. We, with the help of Paravisions have come to the conclusion that the mansion is filled with ghosts (50 or more!). These spirits are not very active spirits. They like to stay out of site but not out of mind. These entities will mess with people a bit just to let them know that they are there. For more information, check out their site!

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