S.P.A. Protocol

Updated Oct. 23, 1999

Our protocol is strict. We must uphold these rules to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of data; and efficiency of our investigations and research.

Always ask permission to investigate area - Going on to private property without permission is illegal.

Carry ID - To verify who you are.

No drugs - This includes cough suppressants, antihistamines and prescription drugs that will cause side-affects. These affect judgement and ability to function properly.

No smoking tobacco products before and during an investigation - This affects judgement and the ability to function properly.

No alcohol before, during or after an investigation - This affects judgement and the ability to function properly.

Maintain professional attitude - This includes respect for people, the deceased and the property.

Interview Witness(es) - To gain an idea of what you are possibly dealing with; to assess past, current mental state of witness(es).

Check batteries prior to investigations - To insure accurate data and to prevent equipment failure.

No controversial methods used on investigations - This means no ouijas or seances.

Scan area for EMF leakage with EMF meter - To point out areas that can give false reading. Also to find high concentration of EMF where entities feed.

No photographs outside during bad weather - This means no photos during rain, lightning storms, all storms, mist, fog, snow, wind (excess 35MPH), and/or dust.

No photographs inside during bad conditions - Seeing dust in the view-finder is considered a bad condition and the shot should not be taken.

Do not take photos of moving objects - Any notable pictures of objects such as cars, balls, people, etc. should be omitted from evidence.

Remove all dust, spots, fingerprints from camera lens - Camera must be kept clean at all times.

No camera straps - Vortexes cannot be mistaken for camera straps.

No shots of the sun - This causes lens flare.

No shots of the moon - The moon can look like an orb to the untrained eye.

No pictures of reflective surfaces - No mirrors, glass, and television screens. Other surfaces must be taken into consideration when anomaly is present in the film.

Fingers away from the lens of the camera - Index and thumb in "C" position with the rest tucked in.

Keep long hair away from the lens of the camera - Hair tucked behind ears or in pony-tail.

Always use fresh audio tapes for EVP recordings - This is to obtain the highest quality of data.

Always use fresh audio tapes for video recordings - This is also to obtain the highest quality of data.

Check negatives for confirmation - If it is on the negative, it was there.

Check negatives for scratches or dust - Using a magnifying glass, go over film with potential entity photograph(s). Getting a second copy will confirm if it is dust.

Positive thoughts during all investigations - Thinking openly and positive gets the best results.

Consider all other possibilities - This is not thinking negative. This is not to favor one outcome. If it cannot be explained any other way than it is authentic.

Searchers for Paranormal Activity
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