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Web-sites with violent, anti-race, or pornographic material of any kind need not apply! Must have good content, no broken links, and appealing to the eye. The "Photographic Excellence Award" is given to people with photographic evidence of ghosts. Those applying for the "Photographic Excellence Award" must not, draw on the picture, or enhance their picture in any way except to enlarge or lessen the picture size. Winners will be contacted 1-7 days via e-mail. If we have not contacted you via e-mail in 7 days than you did not win. Please do not contact us regarding this matter. Please do not take it personal if your site was not selected.

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(Application for the "Photographic Excellence Award" application below)

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"Photographic Excellence Award"

Attach us your picture(s) or URL where the picture resides, with your name, e-mail address (if you want us to reply to you at another address), and a brief description (who took the pic?, with what speed film?, etc.) of the picture submitted. Winning entrees will be posted on our site. Credit will be given where credit is due.

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