Private Residence St. Charles MO. 10-99

Background info. (Please note: Some details are kept for owner's privacy.)

The owner was experiencing very strange activity, often felt an overwhelming presence that could not describe. This feeling would sometimes pass through his body at night while he was on the computer. Before sleeping, the owner would hear whispers of a woman's voice, loud enough to hear but could not make out the words. What really influenced the owner to contact us for help was an experience one night. While watching television a thick "smoke" filled the room. Instinctively, the owner opened the sliding glass door, turned around and the "smoke" was gone!

The investigation - As told by Jeremy

This investigation involved a 2 story townhouse apartment. Upon entering the residence high DC voltage was discovered along with several EMF readings ranging from 2.1-4.6 mg. after the first scan of the house with the video equipment, we came to the conclusion that there were 2 entities in the house. We believe that the entities are attached to a piece of furniture that was removed from a great grandparent's house, it was the only thing left in the house that had not fell apart over time and exposure to the elements. The hauntings seemed to have started to the day that the furniture was brought into the home.The furniture was removed and most of the activity had stopped. After a second trip to the home and a pass with the infrared cams we saw that one of the entities, the smaller of the two still remained.

Sonny notes:
The belief that the house was haunted was also backed up by the fact that both infrared motion sensors, which were strategically placed in the basement and livingroom went off seconds after each other. The house was "shut down" and the owner hasn't had a problem since.