Theatre Spooks


Apr. 1, 1999 - Private Residence

We visited a theatre that was suspected of having a ghost. This was a place where plays where held. It used to be a church. One actor had an account with the ghost when left towards the hall. He saw a glimpse of a man with a flannel shirt. When he turned to take another look, he was gone. Others in the house have experienced lights flickering. Also what was very common - knocking coming from upstairs when everyone was downstairs and vice versa. The room where all the performances took place was fairly large. There were chairs lined up in rows with a middle walk-way that sloped downward towards the stage. The stage was approximately 6" high. Extension cords lined the walls and there were no windows.

The first sign of activity was when Lesley picked up a reading on the EMF meter. What was also interesting is that the reading stayed the same until Lesley handed it to Jeremy. The reading slowly rose (3.1 - 5.0). We then finished setting up our gear. Jeremy set his video camera I and set my new infrared equipment that I was testing and set my audio recorder. Lesley and Tara took Poloroid shots. We then left our equipment on to try to catch something on video or audio. As we were going out my infrared sensor picked up something. Acting unamused, we continued downstairs. We sat awhile and chatted with the person who was a regular actor at the place. Jeremy set a sensor pointing up the stairs. The sensor went off after leaving it! Also, while chatting we heard a knock coming from the hall in the basement. We separated to checked each room. In one of the dressing rooms I picked up a reading. Again, the reading stayed for a while then fluctuated (2.1 - 5.1). This ghost was not shy.

Approximately 20 minutes later we checked the equipment upstairs. The light on the video camera was off - very typical of ghosts to do that. Jeremy reviewed the video. I reviewed the audio. All the sensors which were pointed towards the middle of the stage suddenly triggered! It did that a few times.

We hit it big when picked up a reading at the same place she was at. The reading was stronger (6.2 and climbing). To ensure it wasn't anything outside the realm of supernatural, Lesley lowered the meter and the readings decreased! As she went back up it increased! She stayed on the ground. The meter was approximately 6" off the ground. Then it started to move! She ended up at the front row -left. This electrical field reading was climbing higher than we ever seen it go. The highest reading was 83.5! Jeremy commented, " You couldn't turn on your microwave and get that high of a reading!" We snapped away! Everyone except Lesley of course, was snapping pictures. The person who toured us have been experiencing haunting all his life. That could play a factor. But, we feel that there are resident ghosts. At least two. We are still reviewing our data. Pictures will be posted soon!

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