Here are some tips for beginner ghost-hunters.

Ghosts can...

Here are some guide-lines for you to follow if you are going out ghost-hunting:

  1. ALWAYS get permission from the owner to investigate.
  2. Never disrespect the property. Ghosts can get angry and so do the property owners.
  3. Have a first-aid kit handy. Just in case!
  4. No alcoholic beverages
  5. No smoking
  6. Wait at least 15 minutes before snapping pictures and running experiments. They have to get used to you there. By following this, you will have better results.
  7. When shooting a video or taking pictures, do not a vision landmarks as being landmarks (houses, trees, etc) for the ghosts do not. Instead, look for possible places in which they usually can be found. This is where a EMF Meter might come in handy.
  8. Occasionally, snap pictures behind your back. Who knows, they might be following you!
  9. Clear your thoughts and trust you instincts before your gadgetry.
  10. Refrain from taking pictures of reflective surfaces.
  11. Use Fresh Batteries for your equiptment and always carry extras!
  12. NEVER go alone! You are safer in a group. Depending on the situation, at least 2 will suffice. 4 or more is recommended.
  13. Do not show fear. It may be used against you. Easier said than done!
  14. Do not try to find ghosts or you will not find them. They are watching you, they will be observing you the whole time. Act like you don't believe they are there, or your equiptment is faulty. You probably will get better results.
  15. BE OPEN-MINDED! The minute you start to say, "That can't happen", or "That's not possible", your done!

  16. Don't Put yourself In A Dangerous Situation! Know your surroundings and carry something you can defend yourself with (mase, tazer, etc.) - not from the ghosts but from any potential mugger, rapist and other sick people out there. Don't go to an area known for crime. It's not worth it.