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Updated Feb. 25, 2001

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I have been fortunate to work with the best of the best in the field of parapsychology. These names will be mentioned. No one, until now has ever heard a scientific explanation on what a ghost really is. I, along with my group, have been studying this phenomena for years. We have tested and re-tested all theories by various controlled scientific experiments.

These theories are rooted in physics. We always attempt to test our theories scientifically as possible. I have often heard th question - "How does one study this phenomena scientifically, when science denies the possibility? That question is misleading. It is not science that denies the possibility, but most of the scientific community. Quantum Theory has given birth to new theories that explains this awesome phenomena. Soon, the words “super”, “meta”, and “para” can be omitted when talking about this ghosts. It is natural, physical, and normal!

Some may ask, “Why study this phenomena?” Too many unexplained things have to different types of people. This phenomena has affected many people of different race, religion, geographical location. Researchers are responsible for our shaping the world we live in. If it wasn’t for researchers, we would still believe the earth was flat; concepts of time would not be understood, and microwaves and computers would not have been invented. People like Einstein, Bohr, and Heisenberg have changed the way we look in the world. We are now seeing things more clear. Think about this - many who disbelieve in the existence of ghosts cannot prove their notion. Are we to say 47% of the population in the U.S. that believe in ghosts are “just seeing things?” One has to ask why? Curiosity plays a big role in searching. This is a trait all researchers must have. It is the desire for knowledge that keeps one searching.

The following is what I found. I will attempt to explain what our theories are and from there you can make your own decision. If ghost really exist, this is the best possible explanation I have found that answers how. Let me also say that linking the proceeding phenomena with ghosts are only theories.


"In it's archaic meaning, the term 'ghost' refers to the animus or disembodied soul. - Guiley. Throughout this essay I will sometimes refer to ghost as entity. When we die, one of the places we can end up is in subspace. I say “one of the places” because depending on your religion, there are other places you can go. Although I am religious, I will refrain from talking about religion because religion deals with faith and faith is not scientific.

The personality of the spirit leaving it's former existence is the same as spirit in subspace. These ghosts are in subspace, another plain which exists with our reality. It cannot be seen with the naked eye. The spirit entering this reality keeps their personality from their former existence. They let one know they are there by making noises, moving furniture, odor, and manifesting themselves before us.


Fact 1

"Entities emit an Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF)

This is interesting. When in a haunted area many researchers will sometimes pick up an EMF reading. An EMF meter is a device that measures the electromagnetic field of appliances such as microwaves, cellular phones, and television sets. EMF radiation is said to cause cancer. By law, each appliance has a certain amount of EMF it can radiate. What is so interesting is that the area they pick up a reading has no electrical appliances! The readings last only a second and the meters are still. This only occurs in places that are haunted.

Why do they exist? Most entities are emotionally attached to certain person(s), place or thing. One of our on-going cases envolves a family who have been followed by ghosts most of their lives. For some reason ghosts have attached themselves to this family. It started when they moved into a haunted house. The children have since moved out to separate location. The parents have also moved away.

People, such as the Kahok Indians at Cahokia Mounds in Collinsville, IL. cared about their land. The place is haunted by ghosts believed to be of past indians who wondered here before they died out. A mysterious ghost light can be seen from time to time as it was witnessed by two of my fellow investigators one evening. We have taken pictures of a hearse said to be haunted by a young girl, who was the daughter of the owner of the mortuary service, and a black man said to be the chauffeur. Both loved and took care of the car. The chauffeur had a sense of pride about the car. The young girl loved riding in the hearse during the funeral services. They died some years ago when the hearse lost control slid into a lake.

Another investigation envolved a man who’s place was haunted for over a year. He recalls the only kind of change that occured was that his father brought over a piece of furniture for him to have. A couple of days later whispers occured frequently and once an anomalous mist filled the living-room, in an instant disappeared. We captured 2 entities on video. We encourged him to ask where the furniture came from. Upon further investigation on his part, he found that the furniture belonged to a lady who died before his father took it. She had placed on her will that nothing in her house be taken out. That furniture was the only thing that was taken out. Here are some interesting facts: 1) The parents, strict Roman Catholics, did not believe in these types of hauntings. 2) The old lady, (alive) was allegedly mean spirited and was killed by her daughter. 3) After killing her mother, the daughter committed suicide.

Can this be scientifically proven. Not at this time. This is a correlation. Many people find these answers to make sense of why haunting occur. These explanations make sense.

Quantum (Field) Theory & Space

What you might not of known is that the quantum field theory supports the existence of ghosts. This is the theory that has given us such things as microwaves, the atom bomb, and much more. Why then is this a concept a still a theory? It does not explain how the world works - not yet.

German physicist, Werner Heisenberg founded the 'uncertainty principle' in the mid-1920's. He used this principle to describe the observation of the particle. Depending on what instruments were used, the particle can be a wave or a particles, but never both. The instrument would be the main factor in observing.

An electron's motion is unpredictable. It can orbit one nucleus and suddenly orbit another. In quantum theory, when particles collide there is an equal chance of each to go in any possible direction. It is impossible to predict thus making the quantum reality probabilistic. This theory is made from several complex equations. Anthony North, author of "The Paranormal - A Guide To The Unexplained" states, "The fundamental building blocks of existence had been locked in a shadowy world of uncertainty." He goes on, "This probabilistic world can be best seen as a field of energy with 'matter' being nothing but stable patterns in a foam-like environment."

The main factor in observing our reality is our mind. Like others, North believes that realizing these concepts by being more open-minded and learning to utilize them, the result is a "shift" in the quantum field, thus shifting the probability of the "human laws of nature" to affect the physical world we live in. This theory supports the existence of psychokenesis (PK), the study of mind-over-matter.

This is only one theory. Another man who would disagree about our reality being a “foam-like environment” is Michael Lynch, a parapsychologist and founder of ParaVisions. He has come up with very interesting theories that seem to fit together. Lynch believes our reality is not a foam-like environment as North suggests; but a reality among other existing realities. Here is what he has found.

"The quantum space dimension is directly effected by our three dimensions of matter. If you detonate an atom bomb in this three dimension space then the radiation through electro-magnetic fields penetrate the quantum space reality. This is where the fun begins.

'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’ - Isaac Newton

When people die they enter subspace, when they are born they exit subspace. The ratio of the transaction is the way we identify the dimension of subspace, and try to quantify it. - Michael Lynch"

The basic concept is that there is a balance between our dimension and another dimension. It is interesting to note that while scientists deny these theories, it cannot be scientifically disproven!


The First Law of Thermal Dynamics - “Energy is nether created or destroyed, it just changes form.”

Fact 2

"An entity's ability to exist depends upon it's energy source."

Ghosts need energy to manifest, to move objects, to speak to us, to do anything! The forms of energy it uses electrical current, emotion, and low-grade radiation.

One of the first things we look for is possible energy sources in which the ghost(s) could be getting their energy. High voltage power-lines and transformers are adequate sources. How do we know this is true? Capacitors which are used to store AC current energy as DC current energy, may obtain energy given off from the entity. A capacitor can only obtain and store energy wiring it accordingly or through capturing some energy given off by an EMF (electro-magnetic field). In all investigations we carry capacitors and will measure it with a volt-meter. We will get positive results 75% of the time (in areas that we prove haunted). How does energy go into the capacitor without wiring or any existing object that emits EMF. As said earlier, ghosts emit EMF. It is Michael Lynch’s thought that happens to come in contact with the capacitor or the person carrying it will drain an amount of the entity’s energy and store it in the capacitor. Do you think it’s a little far-fetched? It works. When measuring the energy - connecting the leads (+ to + and - to -) ; then switching polarities (+ to -, and - to +), the end results are the same!

Fact 3

"Transfer of Energy - Ghosts have the ability to drain energy from a power supply (batteries) to attain to maintain energy.

In this sense, ghosts can be compared to a battery. As the battery is being used it drains. The only way for the battery to be useful is to recharge itself.

Another good source is living emotion. When enough emotion is sent out by people, for example fear, or excitement; ghosts will use that energy. A good example of this is found in all stage performers. Musicians and actors frequently use the emotion of the crowd to give a good performance. Many musicians say they can feel the energy of the crowd energizing them.

Another source we feel is the primary source in the Midwest is low-grade radiation. Limestone lies beneath Missouri and Illinois. When water flows though the rock it releases the low-grade radiation which feeds the ghosts. In essence, this is a fault line where ghosts restore their energy. This fault line of limestone is called a geodesic zone.

Observing the Entity

Fact 4

"Ghosts can be seen in five forms. These forms are orb, vortex, ghost-light, ectoplasm, and apparition."

These forms serve a purpose to the ghosts. It is important to understand the basic concepts of light when talking about seeing a ghost or capturing it on film.

Fact 5

"Ghosts can be found in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum, but mostly in the infrared (IR) spectrum."

Researchers in this field have found that using infrared (IR) cameras, and light are effective in capturing ghosts. They have also used infrared video to capture moving objects but little did they know they might have seen the ghost(s) and did not even know it! Another astonishing discovery that we found is that they also can be seen in the ultraviolet spectrum (UV). How do we know? Ghost-hunters that go to old cemeteries to snap pictures of ghosts found that the best time to capture ghosts on film is at dusk. The reason for this is that the highest level of UV radiation is at dusk. It is caused by the bending of light to the earth and holes in the ozone which allow the radiation to pass through.

Hauntings can happen in the daytime as well as night, but why is it rare to obtain hard-copy evidence in the day-time? Visible light floods the area and we are not able to see the entity. In darkness, the only light source is from the camera's flash. The camera's flash is another factor in capturing ghost's on film. The way the light is reflected in the flasher illuminates the area with UV and visual light and allows us to capture entities on film.

How is one able to see the entity? A manifesting cloud or a light is the result of the entity drawing power which will be explained later. Actually seeing a transparent figure of a person or animal is a different case. Ghosts allow to see them as they want you to see them. To do this, it takes a lot of energy. Another factor is they have to learn to harness the ability to communicate to your mind. As the entity ages, it will be more capable.

This theory has shown to fit virtually ever incident envolving having seen an apparition. That is how ghost are caught on video and film; and how one is able to see them without the use of equipment. What forms do they come in?


An orb is a ghost in it’s true form. When researching supernatural phenomena, especially on the internet, one often runs into the word "orb". An orb is a ghost that are frequently found in pictures. They are round fuzzy objects that stand-out from the picture. These orbs are ghosts in their natural state. Until now most ghost-hunters and parapsychologists only knew that what they were seeing were ghosts, but they didn't know much about them. They are just now learning to use infrared technology to track these entities. But, an amazing discover took place October 31, 1998. Using an Hi-8mm camcorder, we were able to see these orbs in motion. We have ran experiments with the camera and found that the light in the Hi-8mm camcorder went slightly into the infrared spectrum enabling the entities to be captured on video. Michael Lynch has studied an MRI and PET scan of a human and a thermal scan of an orb found similarities.

Our brain is what essentially makes us who we are. It is our identity. Some of us are tall, some short; some are big and some are skinny. Ultimately, our brain tells us how large and big we become, yet our brain generally stays the same size as everyone else. The same concept applies to the orb. No matter what form a ghost presence itself, it is only as big as its natural state (an orb). As a human develops, his or her brain size increases. The same idea goes for the ghost. It gets bigger as it ages in their dimension. They can become as big as they want when they learn how and have enough energy for a little while. This can be tricky. The ghost can morph itself to be what it thinks it to be, but it takes a large amount of energy. One can mistake the orb as being bigger than it really is. Michael believes orbs of being capable of traveling the speed of thought. We have captured 8mm camcorder, ghosts moving at 300 feet per second!

Michael explains more about the orb- "A subspace being is comprised and structured into three main parts:

(This is a picture of an orb up-close. It is solid and has a complex inner matrix.)

Michael explains, “The outer layer is called the FIELD EFFECT because it can appear as a cloud or white mass. It can also be transparent allowing one to see through the entity. The next layer is called the IONIC PLASMA DISPLACEMENT. This is one of the most interesting layer because it glitters and has an angel-hair look to it. This is the layer that gives you the a cold feeling or shock depending on how and where you contact it. This is also the sensory layer to the environment. The entity collects data from it's surroundings through energy fields. This plasma can be grounded if necessary. The center layer is called the CENTRAL MATRIX. This is the core of the mind of the entity, it has the purest alpha of the mind. This is where the identity of the creature lies."

Knowing Michael's explanation of what an orb is comprised, we can actually individualize and identify a ghost. Two members of the Searchers team have a resident ghost. This ghost is know for it's antics. It will close cabinets doors, make noises in the house and even call them by name! This entity likes to go with us on our investigations. A way we separate it from other ghosts is by looking at it's central matrix and field effect. We can then omit him as being one of the ghosts haunting a particular place.

This knowledge comes in handy when looking a pictures. A digital camera will put multiple images of an orb in motion. A 35mm camera sometimes does this as well. These pictures have fooled many people into thinking they have taken many pictures of ghosts when in actual they have taken one or two! We, again, look at the central matrix and the field effect. I have seen a webpage where one claim they can get a ghost picture anywhere when in fact it is the same ghosts in every picture. The places are not haunted, the photographer is!

Michael Lynch's has devised a class system for these orbs. It is a way to classify these entities. The class in which the ghosts are in depends upon their size in inches. For instance, an orb that is one inch in diameter is classified as a CLASS I entity. The largest we have seen is a CLASS XII, the largest on the scale. Jeremy and I were fortunate to see this entity without the use of any equipment!

Anything larger than two feet is called a phantasm case. In these cases, the person or persons living there or being haunted are in extreme danger. The entity or entities are very powerful and can do harmful things.”


Vortices have been deemed a controversial topic among fellow investigators and parapsychologists. Although these entities can rarely be caught on film, these objects cannot be seen with the naked eye. A vortex looks like a funneling streak in a photograph. Some believe these to be a portal, a but into the space-time continuum. Skeptics believe that they are nothing more than camera straps taken in close range. These objects are ghosts. They are serpent-like entities moving at the exact same rate as the shutter. As stated before, ghosts vibrate at a faster rate than us and would have to slow down their vibration to be seen even by the camera.

Lesley of S.P.A took one of the best pictures of a vortex. (above) It was taken in the infamous McPike Mansion in Alton, IL. The fading end of the vortex is a clue that the ghost is in motion rather the idea of it being a portal. It looks similar to something being thrown upward. Notice the orb within the vortex (towards the bottom).

Ghost-lights and Mist

It was approximately 11:15 A.M. at the Mcpike Mansion. The night was cold and wet as the rain poured hard. We made our way to the left side of the mansion showing the owner Sharyn Luedke where we had captured images of ghost on our previous outing there. Suddenly from the far right third story window glowed a strange blue light, which changed instantly to a bright iridescent. It took a while for my eyes to justify what they had seen. You see, there is absolutely no electricity running through the house. It was witnessed by all of us.

Recently at the McPike Mansion, Jeremy captured a phantom mist on the 8mm camcorder. This spectacular image was recorded while conducting experiments in the basement. Going over the tape and pictures, as well as drawing conclusions from experiences, we have found that these entities were drawing energy to manifest itself before us. Drawing the energy it creates a radioactive glow.

This was no ordinary fog or even dust! Fog, as in moisture evaporating into the atmosphere, does not appear, disappear, then decide to re-appear. Fog does not go from one room to another. How about dust? The mist cannot be explained as kicked up dust in the air. We have ran experiments, leaving a remote infrared camera in the room and watch the particles appear in an instant. Dust also does not appear at will and go from room to room. Also, it is interesting to note that the particle will not move when trying to blow them in a direction.


Perhaps the scariest part of experiencing a haunting is seeing an apparition. Could you imagine waking up to an apparition at your bedside, watching you sleep? Many have experienced this same scenario. How are ghosts able to appear? Only a small percentage of people see apparitions. This may have something to do with the conditions that have to be met. It is our understanding that it is that both the entity and people must be willing and open. Please note that we do not include people with psychosis or any other mental illness in this theory for obvious reasons.

This concept is probably the hardest to understand, but please keep an open mind to this concept. Again, a ghost needs energy to move, manifest, and to exist. Once the entity learns how to utilize its energy, it can become what ever it thinks it is. Most of the time it will project an image of it's former existence. What ever it remembers itself to be - it will become. Try this: close your eyes for a few seconds and picture yourself. Did you happen to picture yourself with feet? Probably not. This is why most apparitions are seen half bodied or do not have feet.

It is justifiable to worry about seeing an apparition. If it can manifest itself as an apparition it can move things. If it can move thing, it has the potential to harm someone! Those in the field will take strong precaution in dealing with these situation for it is risky. There are beings that appear to us in solid form and which we are able to touch . This is another type of being, not a ghost.

Other Phenomena

Besides the visual aspect of a haunting, there are other phenomena’s, which one can experience. These have to do with experiencing it with our other senses.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is another controversial issue among parapsychologists and ghost-hunters. EVP is an audio recording of a ghost's voice. The first issue is that it is hard to understand what the voice is saying because of the white noise, which is the sound of the metal gears moving in the tape. Some swear that by having a little white noise and others swear by digital audio because there is no white noise. The other issue is that the voice can be a hoax or corrupt. Who is to say that the voice is that of the person conducting the investigation or children playing outside?

ParaVision's research has shown that an authentic EVP has unique feature. Playing the message backwards will produce the same message as it would playing it forward. An entity's consciousness is not contained into two hemispheres like ours. The consciousness of an entity roams in the orb strata. The entity's voice comes from pure thought and is not processed to any other part to produce a sound.


I have people write me all the time complaining about odors given off by ghosts, such as a cigar smoke and body odor. The odors given off are what the ghost wants the person to smell. It is in their consciousness of thought. If they remember that smell, it can produce it by communicating with your mind. This all ties in with the concept that ghosts can become whatever they think they are. They can communicate to the person what it thinks and what it wants you to see it as. The main factor in being able to do this relies on their ability to obtain enough energy to do these things.

Cold Chills

What some people experience in a haunting is a cold feeling as if someone had opened the door to let the cold winter air in. There are two types of cold chill.

The first type has to do with the ghost's ability to change the environment it is in. Many times we will do into the room and the temperature will drop considerably. What the entity has done is drawn the energy, the heat, from the room to it.

The second type of chill involves a static charge that might feel like a chill, but is not. Going back to the actual anatomy of the ghost, it has a layer called the ionic plasma displacement. This layer draws up charge that will give a person a static shock in the area it encounters.


Most hauntings we have come across are cases in which the entity or entities just want to make their presence known. But there are few cases in which persons in the haunting are touched. One of our case studies has claimed to have actually pulled the entity off of him! Some of our members have been have been touched and even grabbed to the point of bruising.

How is this possible? It needs a sufficient energy source to charge itself. This is why we check for possible energy sources to determine if it has the potential to move or touch things. Once it has enough energy, it will send signals to the person’s brain telling it that the body is being touched. Let’s say that someone grabs your hand. The nerves under your skin transfers an electrical signal up your spinal cord and to your brain. When an ghost wants to touch you, assuming it is capable, and has enough energy, it will short-cut right to your brain. It takes a lot of energy to do this. That is why it is rare.

A Part of Our Reality

They basis of a ghost's existence is energy. It needs energy to haunt. Parapsychologists seldom choose to study ghosts because they simply didn't know how. How does one get hard copy proof of their existence? They were looking at the problem all wrong. Everyone is looking at these entities from a supernatural or unnatural viewpoint. The answer was there all along. It's all about physics. New, stronger theories have evolve and technology has finally caught up. Look at the scientific evidence! Test these theories. They will work. The very laws of physics that exist for us should apply for ghosts if they are a part of our reality. After all, what we are and everything around us is fundamentally energy.